PROJECT HELP Housing Enterprise For Low-Income People
a proejct of Dungannon Development Commission, Inc.

"Repairing One Home at a Time in the Heart of Appalachia"
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The HELP Home Repair Program was first established in 1991. The Dungannon Development Commission, Inc. created the program called Project HELP because they saw a need to help assist low income citizens of the Dungannon community and surrounding areas within Scott County, with home repairs. Project HELP is dedicated to providing safe, warm, and dry, affordable housing for low and moderate income families in Scott County. Project HELP is not intended as a handout, but a hand-up. The program is made possible by the generosity of the volunteers who pay a fee to come to Dungannon to do a week of work. The DDC uses this fee to house, provide meals, purchase building materials and coordinate work for the volunteers during the time that they are here and to support the works of the organization. There is a wide range of home repairs needed in the Dungannon community and surrounding areas of Scott County because many of the homeowners can't afford to do the work themselves, while others don't have the education or are physically unable to do much of the needed repairs to their own homes. Dungannon is in one of the more rural areas of Scott County. Scott County has no hospitals or no major retail stores such as Wal-mart or K-mart for that matter. The county is blessed with its natural beauty, which if you volunteer with us you will have the opportunity to see as we are located in the Clinch River Valley which has been designated as "One of the Last Great Places" volunters by The Nature Conservancy due to the rare aqua-life. The population of the Dungannon community is approximately 250 people. While employment is very rare; most who work has to travel out of the community. The Dungannon community consists of a local hardware store, a health clinic, post office, one restaurant and a couple of small convenience stores. The Dungannon community might not have big name stores, but we can offer great down home southern hospitality along with a big welcome. At the end of the work day volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in activities such as hiking, swimming, touring the Dungannon area and other scenic recreational areas of Scott County.

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