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  1. The Dungannon Development Commission, Inc's HELP Project staff has overall responsibility for the job sites. Therefore, directions and rules given by the center staff are to be observed.
  2. Each person is expected to act responsibly the entire time they are in Dungannon. For those coming from outside the region, you will be an obvious outsider in a small town and your every action will be seen. There will be occasions when you will have to modify your lifestyle or habits so as not be offensive to the Appalachia culture or traditions
  3. The Dungannon Development Commission, Inc. does not condone or tolerate sexual harassment or abuse in any form.
  4. Smoking or use of tobacco products are strictly prohibited inside of the DDC facility. If needed, a designated area will be identified. Use of tobacco products is discouraged at the work sites due to sensitivity and the potential of a fire hazard. Under age smoking is strictly prohibited.
  5. No pets are permitted in the Phoenix Center. If a new pet is acquired during your stay, make arrangements to pick the pet up on the day of your departure.
  6. The sleeping areas are arranged for all male or female occupancy, thus groups will not have their own room to sleep together.
  7. Females are not permitted in male sleeping quarters at any time or visa versa.
  8. DO NOT WRITE ON ANY OF THE WALLS AT DDC'S FACILITY as we are striving to correct this problem from past years.
  9. Lights out by 11:00 p.m. Please be respectful of other residents of the Phoenix Center during your week of living together in close quarters.
  10. Possession or use of drugs or alcohol is forbidden for your entire stay.
  11. Firearms, air rifles or pistols, BB guns or replicas of firearms are not permitted.
  12. Center attire: Discretion in clothing must be used at the center and in the community. Shirts should be worn at all times. When leaving the center grounds, walking shorts or shorts of similar length and T-shirts will be acceptable attire. Halter tops and sports bras worn as an outer garment, spandex clothing or clothing expressing alcohol/beer slogans and obscenities are not acceptable.
  13. All volunteers (youth and adults) are expected to participate fully in the programs of the Dungannon Development Commission, Inc. HELP Project. This includes attendance at meals, chores, meetings, evening gathering and any special events. In order to keep the center functioning smoothly, volunteers will be asked to aid in center cleanup, tool and supply organization and loading and unloading of building materials.
  14. Adult leaders are responsible for the safety and conduct of their youth volunteers at all times (whether at the center, work sites or in the community) while your group is participating in Project HELP.
  15. We expect lunch to be eaten at the work site. We discourage families from preparing meals for the volunteers. If asked to eat with the family whose home you are repairing, kindly say "No, thank you" so that the family does not overextend themselves in showing their gratitude. If family members insist on showing their appreciation by preparing lunch, accept their offer if you feel it is the right thing to do. If you have any questions or concerns, please check with the center staff.
  16. The use of boom boxes, etc. is prohibited on the job sites.
  17. For safety reasons, no Dungannon Development Commission, Inc. HELP Project participant is permitted to ride in the back of a pickup truck. Doing so is also against the state laws of Virginia.
  18. Groups should not return to the work sites after hours.
  19. Groups should leave their respective sites in order to be back at the center by 4:00 p.m.
  20. Adult sponsor to youth ratio must be at least 1 to 7.
  21. The center staff will assign the appropriate project according to capabilities of the young members. This may be at the work site or at the center. If the very young members are not capable of participating with the project all day or all week, they can stay at the center during the day or travel to a local area for recreation, but they must be supervised at all times by a responsible person from their group who has a valid drivers license. A vehicle must also be provided by the group in case of emergency. This variance in the week must be discussed with the center staff. The center staff is not available to "baby sit" at the center with young participants.
  22. Each group is asked to supply their own site supervisions/crew leader(s) and one cook while participating in the Dungannon Development Commission, Inc.'s Project HELP