Dungannon Kids Care Club

What is Kids Care Club?

A Kids Care Club is a group of young people who want to help others in the community and world. There are Kids Care Clubs all over the world. An adult faciltator leads the club. The facilitator is a parent, teacher, or youth leader who helps the children choose the projects and the people they will help.

Dungannon Kids Care recieved its first grant to sponsor a Harvest  Dinner for the edlerly. The second grant we recieved was for a St. Patrick's Day Sock Hop. The third grant recieved was Party Pals which we went to the Brian Center to celebrate the resident's birthdays. The fourth grant was a microfinance grant to Feed the Hungry in our community. We continue to work with the Point of Light Foundation and Ouaker Oats in providing the children of Dungannon with ways they can serve their community.

How old must you be?Members can range in age from preschool to college. Most club members are in elementary school or middle school.

Where does the club meet?

The DKCC meets once a month after school at the Dungannon Development Commission's Phoenix Building. We usually meet to work on a project or help with tutoring. Children suggest a project from a list supplied by Kids Club Facilitator. The meeting lasts from 4 to 6. Children must provide their own transportation.



Project for Febuary:

Be My Valentine Kits:

Even more fun than receiving Valentines is making them for friends and family. Kids in shelters, hospitals, low-income schools, after-school programs, community centers and foster care transition homes could have fun making their own Valentines for family and friends if they had the materials.

Your club can assemble Be My Valentine Kits and deliver them before Valentine's Day.

A great book to read in prepartion for this project is: Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch, by Eileen Spinelli.

Check out Kids Care Clubs Valentine's Day Tea or Party or Valentines Survival Kits for more ideas. 

Steps Involved:

    1. Choose the recipients.
    2. Call the agency, school, shelter, etc. and ask if they would be interested in receiving kits, how many kits would be needed and the day you should deliver them. Ask if they would like you to stage a small party to make Valentines together. Bring refreshments.
    3. Collect items through your sponsoring organization, or ask each member to bring in one of the required materials.
    4. Call a meeting and assemble the Be My Valentine Kits. The kits should contain equal amounts of craft materials.
    5. Enclose a home-made Valentine from a "Kid Who Cares"
    6. Deliver the Be My Valentine Kits.

      Materials Needed:


      • Red, White, Pink, Purple Paper
      • A few markers or crayons
      • Stickers
      • Glue Stick
      • Doilies
      • Zip-Lock Bags or small lunch size bags
      • Different size foam Valentine hearts, children's scissors, glitter, glitter glue, candy hearts and/or other Valentine's Day Candy

      What's in it for me?

      First of all, it is fun! Joining a Kids Care Club will give you a chance to work with other great kids who want to make a difference in the world. Second, it will also give you opportunities to exercise your creative and leadership skills, build confidence and self-esteem. Third, it gives you the opportunity to meet new people and expand your horizons. But most of all, nothing feels better and lasts longer than the feeling you get from helping someone in your community who really needs YOU! No one else can offer the same ideas and energy that you can