Semester:       Spring 2008                                                Time:                   4:30 –– 7:15
Instructor:      Travis Lee Perry                                   Location:             DDC-off campus site
E-mail:                               Office Hours:      By appointment only
Phone:             (276) 467-2306 or (276) 467-2665    Class Web Page:

Course Description
This course provides an introduction to Dreamweaver 8. Topics include creating a Dreamweaver Web page and local site, adding Web pages, links and images, tables and pages layout, page layout with frames, forms, templates and style sheets, and layers, image maps, and navigation bars.

Textbook and supplies
Macromedia Dreamweaver 8: Complete Concepts and Techniques
Shelly Cashman Sebok 
Two 3 ½” floppy disks


Course Grade                                     Points        Approximate % of Grade
Announced examinations (3)                         200                            48|
Unannounced quizzes (4)                                80                            19
Laboratory and out-of-class assignments       140                            33
Extra credit                                               25

Point System: 420 total assigned points; 445 total possible points with extra credit.
A   >= 378
B    >= 336
C   >= 294
D   >= 252


Student Conduct In Class Policy
Any acts of classroom disruption that go beyond the normal rights of students to question and discuss with instructors the educational process relative to subject content will not be tolerated, in accordance with the Academic Code of Conduct described in the Student Handbook. 

Examination Policy
There are two announced examination and four unannounced quizzes. No make-up exams will be allowed without prior arrangements being made. Make-up exams must be taken when scheduled. No quiz make-ups are allowed.

In Case You Are Late or Absent: It is your responsibility to get the course notes, handouts, and laboratory assignments should you miss class or be late.

Disabilities Policy 
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), all qualified students enrolled in this course are entitled to “reasonable accommodations.” Please notify the instructor during the first week of class of any accommodations needed for the course.

Laboratory Policy
Although the laboratory assignments comprise only 30% of a grade, a student can receive a final grade no greater than a D if more than three laboratory assignments are not handed in. Laboratory assignments receiving less than a 50% score are considered not turned in.


The lecture, laboratory, and examination schedule is shown on the next page. You are expected to read each assigned project prior to the lecture. Lectures will be short, to the point, and will discuss the highlights of the Project for that week. Most of the class time will be spent working on your Laboratory assignments.

Weekly Laboratory assignments can only be handed immediately BEFORE lecture begins the following week. Laboratory assignments handed in after lecture begins the following week are considered late. 

No assignments will be accepted more than one week late. Late assignments are penalized 25%, and assignments two weeks late are penalized 50%. Plan to spend approximately six to eight hours each week working on laboratory assignments. 

Make sure your name, student ID, and exercise number appear in the upper-left corner. If an exercise has multiple sheets, then staple them together. Do not staple different assignments together. Disorganized assignments (pages out of order, mislabeled, unreadable, etc.) will receive a grade of zero. If there are multiple sheets to be handed in, then sequence them according to the order you were told to print them in the exercise.