~Scenes from the Apple Butter Making~


Quart $8.00
Pint $5.00


The aroma of apples and spices mixed with wood fires and falling leaves signals a change of season and apple butter making at Dungannon Development Commission. The DDC has been holding an annual apple butter making day each fall for several years. Over the years Apple Butter making has grown to become a community event of fellowship and great camaraderie at the Dungannon Development Commission, Inc.'s Main Office, involving an ever growing number of DDC members and friends. We have continued to refine our processes each year, always building on lessons learned from years past leading to a better product, but always holding true to a fine tradition of good fellowship and nostalgia--making Apple Butter the Old Fashioned Way.We make our apple butter the old-fashioned way in a large brass kettle. The apple butter is constantly being stirred while it cooks.

Our Apple Butter making process at Dungannon Development Commission, Inc. has evolved into a broad-based tradition, which gathers together a large number of people working towards a common goal. We have been able to achieve a sense of personal growth, sharing and well being by "pulling" people into this process, demonstrating the fun, rewards and satisfaction of social interaction in working towards a common goal, and in achieving a sense of accomplishment with the results of a job well done. This is the Spirit of Apple Butter at Dugnannon Development Commission, Inc. Why not join us next year for a great time of fellowship and camaraderie.

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