DDC's Becoming More Green!
Help us making the Earth a Better Place!

Dungannon Development Commission, Inc. is requesting your help. The Commission is working hard to become more earth friendly, however, we can't do it alone. We are in need of your help with this endeavor!

  • The commission is requesting donations of printer cartridges to the commission. The DDC recycles the printer cartridges as a fundraiser for the organization.
  • The commission is accepting donations of recyclable paper products including: copier paper, paper towels.

The commission has already been working to make the earth greener by implementing the following:

  • Recycling of aluminum beverage cans
  • DDC has installed all energy efficient light bulbs at all its facilities
  • With the commission latest project (The Green House Program) the organization purchased a solar panel to power the green house.

Donations of items can be dropped at or shipped to 344Phoenix Street, Dungannon, Virginia 24245. Monetary Donations can be mailed to 344 Phoenix Street, Suite 101, Dungannon, Virginia 24245. Online contributions can be made by clicking here. All donations are tax deductible.